“This isn’t who I am!” I would scream in my head day after day of living in a messed up version of Groundhog Day that I unaffectionately titled, “The Covid Crap Show”. My patience for my kids, and more importantly for myself, had flown out the window along with all the other things I took for granted in my pre-covid life. Week after week, month after month, I started to lose hope. Hope that I could keep sane amidst the chaos of the immense challenges our country and our world were now facing. Hope that I could even semi-successfully help my 4th and 1st grade kids as they attended school through an iPad. Hope that I could handle a super social toddler screaming, “I just want to be around my size kids!” I miss my friends too, I’d tell her.

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It's borderline miraculous that every child-centered activity we deemed normal three months ago is now being normalized by technology and staying connected through a screen. But the truth is, all of this virtual stuff with kids is actually a lot more work for moms than sending your kid to camp, school, ballet class or anywhere that provides outlets for our kids creativity, intellectuality and ENERGY.

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"My first pregnancy was blissful ignorance in both fantasy and reality. My second and current pregnancy looks quite different and in the midst of all of this madness, I have taken a moment to really soak in how my first stay-at-home order has affected me."

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You think you know what high anxiety is until you become a mother. Suddenly, you’re not only responsible for yourself, but also a small human that now fully depends on you for food, sleep and love. This new life leads to many "What if’s?" With every new family visit and doctor’s appointment, your worries just grow bigger, you become more stressed, and the feeling of losing yourself becomes more of a reality.

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While we are under strict stay at home orders, many of us are spending more time in the kitchen and honing our home chef skills. Bread has been a harder-to-find commodity these days and bread-making essentials like wheat and yeast are selling fast through online retailers. What's a carb-loving family to do? Add homemade bread to our kitchen skills of course! If you are ready to take your relationship with bread to the next level, we've got a simple homemade bread recipe just for you! Making bread requires few ingredients and is actually a simple process. All you need is time and a little patience and your house will smell better than any scented candle. Ready?


As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I get questions about Diastasis Recti every. single. day. There is a ton of information out there on social media and Google, but everyone seems to have a different opinion and it can become confusing very quickly. So, I've put together a list of the top 8 questions I get about Diastasis Recti and answered them. I hope this helps to set the record straight!


When we discovered homemade play dough, our daughter couldn’t believe how soft and doughy it felt between her fingers. Homemade play dough is so easy and fun to make that even my first attempt came out a hit. Then I started experimenting and it became amazing.

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The relationship you have with your workout routine is oddly similar to the one you have with your significant other. At first it’s thrilling. You have finally found someone or something that catapults you into the potential actuality of reaching your life goals. You will have the perfect house and a golden retriever and a bunch of little rascals playing Ring Around The Rosie in their rooms and not behaving badly - the same as you might fantasize about flying high from all those endorphins you’ll get on your early morning run or from imagining yourself losing your baby weight, fitting into jeans from high school and running into your ex that dumped you back in the day.


Spending time outdoors is what makes summer so special. Unfortunately, hot temperatures can stop you from enjoying the summer sun. What's a mom to do when she wants to exercise outside and keep her baby cool and safe?


Registering for a race can seem like a big commitment, especially when you don’t feel like a seasoned runner. It's easy to forget that every race doesn’t have to be competitive. Think of some races as practice or just fun runs! We've learned that even though you may not have a PR (Personal Record) every time, the important thing is to feel good about your performance and know that you got out there and did it! I've learned some important skills as runners which have helped us start races with confidence and finish with a sense of accomplishment. At FIT4MOM, we are often asked for our favorite tips, so we've put together a few of our best for you!


When you have a baby, you’re forced to get to know not one, but three new people - your baby, yourself and your vagina. You’re holding a new stranger, your inner labia has fallen apart, and you feel like your old self died. Well, at least that’s how those of us with Postpartum Depression feel.

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Remember the days of Sunday Brunches and Bottomless Mimosas? Lunches where you ate sitting down and not over the sink? Dinners after 6pm and high heels and having time to chew your food? I don’t remember it either. But I am certain that when it happened it was a good time and that just because I have an adorable maniac toddler doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get to have those days again. Being a parent doesn’t have to mean adjusting your entire life to serve your children, it can also mean incorporating them into fun outings while YOU are being served by someone who is NOT you.

Here are the top 10 LA food and drink spots I believe to be the best at providing play for both our kids and for us.

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There are many misconceptions about what women should and shouldn’t be doing during their pregnancy and they have steered soon-to-be mamas in the wrong direction for basically, ever. Some of these myths include the green light to overindulge in calories because you’re “eating for two,” that listening to classical music will guarantee an Einstein baby and the worst of them all, the idea that exercise is bad for pregnancy.


I went to my first Stroller Strides class on September 27, 2017. Jemma, my 6 month-old baby’s, nap time was right when the class started. I was terrified she was going to cry the whole time and all the moms would hate me and that I would be late and everyone would know each other and I would be the super weird intimidated “new mom” with leaky boobs and disheveled hair. All that stress just to love it so much that I signed up on the spot, eventually became an instructor and have come to class nearly every single day for … math is hard but my 6 month old is now 20 months old, so… for a long time.


It probably comes as no surprise to learn that women experience greater levels of stress in comparison to men during the holidays. The hustle and bustle of this time of year usually results in women acting as event planners, organizers, gift hunters, bakers, and entertainers (to name a few), on top of already hectic work and family responsibilities.