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empowerHR Consulting

Running a Small Business or Leading a Team is no small feat. When there are customers/clients to tend to, product to create + ship or business goals to hit, often the "people side" and compliance side of business (aka Human Resources/HR) are pushed aside. Neglecting the People aspect of your business can actually hinder your growth + possibly create legal issues down the road. And we don't want that to happen to you!

This is why empowerHR Consulting exists.

empowerHR Consulting is your personal HR Business Partner. We're all about partnering with Small Biz Owners/Business Leaders in the Greater Los Angeles area to help grow your business, grow your teams and keep your business in compliance with ever-changing labor laws.

With empowerHR as your HR Business Partner, you get all the benefits of having a fantastic in-house HR team - but without the added payroll + benefits cost hitting your bottom line. We call that a Win-Win!

Contact empowerHR for a FREE Initial Consultation at 818.253.4362 or hello@empowerHRconsulting.com - be sure to mention "FIT4MOM" when booking with us for a special discount :)