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December 2018: Lorena Ford

We've had the honor of getting to know Lorena over the last year and spending time with her over the last 38 weeks (!!) of her pregnancy. She is gracious, kind, positive and a true light in our community. We are so happy to honor her this month and tell her how much we love all the positive energy she brings with her to class every day and how much we admire the way she is raising her son. We love you, Lorena!

"Lorena and Theo are the best friends to have in Stroller Strides. They're always kind, fun to be around and participate in all of the playgroup crafts. Theo loves everything from making Poppy flowers to building moon sand castles, always with the help of his awesome momma. Lorena is such an inspiration for coming to get her workout in every week even when she's so close to baby number 2!" Luciana, Glendale Playgroup Captain

"I want to mom like Lorena when I grow up :) She is a kind, loving and patient mom and she is always so calm! I know she is going to thrive as a mom of 2. I love seeing Lorena and Theo in class. She always has a smile and never complains... even while pregnant. And Theo is such a sweet little boy. We are lucky to have Lorena and Theo in our tribe and we can't wait for baby #2 to join us!" Marissa, instructor

"Lorena is so sweet and so kind and always has a thoughtful word if you need advice. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease. She is such an inspiration for making it to class as much as she does while pregnant and she is such a hard worker! Theo is constantly making me smile and laugh and watching him and my son play together is such a joy!" Rhiannon, instructor

A special thank you to Makeup Artist, Hasmik Hayrapetyan, for donating a complimentary makeup application to our Mom of the Month!

Where are you originally from? I’m originally from Mexico. I was born and raised in the state of Oaxaca and I’ve lived in LA for almost 20 years. Time flies!

Tell us about your little workout buddy? My son’s name is Theodore (aka Theo) and he’s 2.5 years old. He’s been my workout buddy for over a year now and he is the best at cheering me on.

How did you choose his name? It was really hard to choose a name, at least for me. However, my husband suggested the name Theodore (named after Theodore Roosevelt) after finding out we were expecting. I considered his name and chose two more after that but we still couldn't decide on the name! It wasn’t until I met him and held him for the first time that I knew Theodore was the right name for him.

How far along are you? Tell us about your workout buddy to be!!! I am 38 weeks pregnant and expecting a girl (due date Dec 9th) so I could go into labor any day now! I'm very excited to meet her and look forward to bringing her to Stroller Strides.

How is this pregnancy different from your first? Besides time flying by, this time around I have been more tired, I’ve felt more fatigued. With a toddler in the house, there's less time for relaxation unlike my first pregnancy. But I manage to carve some time for a walk or a workout, and enjoy the little things like feeling her move and kick.

How did you meet your partner? We met through a mutual friend at a restaurant 12 years ago.

Tell us a little about your career (pre or post baby)... Before having Theodore, I used to work as a speech language pathologist assistant in a pediatric setting. My work consisted of playing, yes playing, with two and three year-olds who had a speech delay. Through play, I would elicit some kind of language (a sign, a syllable, and/or a word) to facilitate communication.

How did you find out about FIT4MOM and what classes do you attend?

I found out about FIT4MOM by seeing the ads around the Americana. It took me awhile to enroll because I wasn’t sure how my son was going to respond to being strapped in the stroller for class, but I soon learned that bringing plenty of snacks and toys help a lot. I now attend classes at least three times a week, Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre and Fit4Baby.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I like everything about FIT4MOM! I love it that I can workout at my own pace (before and during my pregnancy), and the friends my son and I have made along the way.

What is your favorite family activity?

Our favorite family activity would be going to the park on the weekends, early in the morning, and stopping at our local coffee shop on our way there for coffee (a lot of it for us the adults) and yummy pastries.

What is your proudest moment as a mom?

I think I’m most proud when I find the energy and strength to do the things I thought I couldn’t do.

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood?

The most challenging part has been to ask for help when I most needed. I have learned to rely on my spouse more than ever, my own mom, and my mom tribe to keep me sane.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I have so much patience now since everything seems to take double the time to accomplish. As well as, I’ve learned to live a messy and unpredictable life as a parent.

What advice would you give a new mom?

My advice would be, first, to enjoy those newborn snuggles. Babies don't stay that little for too long, it's such a fleeting phase. And second, to ask for help when needed in order to take care of yourself. Self care is so important yet so hard when you have a little one demanding your time and attention 24/7.