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December 2021: Theary Meng

Meet Theary! We would like to congratulate her on attending over 700 classes with Fit4Mom Sf Valley NELA. She is truly an inspiration and an incredible example of hard work and dedication even through the most trying of times. Theary we love and appreciate you!

My name is Theary Meng. I am married to the Head of Story in Skydance Studios named Lawrence Gong. We have two bright bouncing baby boys; Xavier age 6 and Oscar age 3.

Favorite drink?

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.


Dark Chocolate Cherry Kind Bars

Where do you like to shop?


Favorite place you’ve traveled to?


Favorite Book

Picture of Dorian Gray


I like making things such as costumes and face masks.

Something unique about yourself.

I’ve been learning to cook and bake.

Favorite movie or show?

The Great British Baking Show

Craziest thing you’ve ever done...

Sky Trampoline Class in Santa Monica Pier…I don’t really do anything crazier than that.

Your idea of a perfect vacation

A lazy time in Paris with great art, food and wine.

How long have you been with fit4mom?

Since 2016

Fave thing about Fit4Mom?

I love that the group focus is on the person who happens to be a mom. Sometime we loose sight of ourselves while we take care for our family.

When is your birthday?

June 22 (sometime in the 80s)

Do you speak more than one language?

Yes. I speak Cambodian.

Favorite color?


What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year?

I think I have found a way to eat and enjoy my life without the guilt that comes with it. Life is short; I have learned to love what I have, to hold on to it, and to fight for what I want. I want to be a role model to my boys. If I can be strong, hard working and happy than they will be also.