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January 2019: Candice Mika

We are thrilled to announce our first mom of the month of 2019: Candice Mika!

"Candice is such a bright light in class! She shows up every day with a smile on her face and makes everyone in class feel welcome and special. She never complains or gets flustered, she smiles through the toughest workouts and she is such a joy to be around. She is easy to talk to and always lifts you up if you are having a bad day. We love you Candice!" Rhiannon

"Candice seems to almost never miss a class! She's not only hard working but is so friendly to everyone right off the bat. It's awesome seeing her every week!" Denise

"Candice brings such a lovely energy and warmth to class! She’s so sweet and friendly, and it’s been amazing seeing her gain strength and confidence. She rocks!" Jessica

"Candice comes to class with her game face on, which is always a smile. She works hard and is super sweet to me and all the other moms and I'm so glad she comes to class on a regular basis because she is a joy to be around." Amy Iglow

"Candice brings her very best to every class and when she couldn’t workout because of an ankle injury she focused on what she could do instead of what she couldn’t." Nikki

A special thank you to Makeup Artist, Hasmik Hayrapetyan, for donating a complimentary makeup application to our Mom of the Month!

Where are you originally from?

I'm a California girl through and through. I'm originally from the Bay Area up north and moved to Los Angeles about four years ago with my husband. My biggest adjustment has been the amount of sunscreen I have to wear. I mean, seriously, I have to budget for it now!!!

Tell us about your little workout buddy & how you chose her name.

Our 9 month old daughter, Amelia is the best workout buddy I've ever had! She is always smiling and encouraging me and everyone she meets during our workouts. We chose her name because it comes from a root word meaning "to make something better through hard work." Parenting is hard work, but she has made us better people, and we're so grateful for her.

How did you meet your partner?

My husband Jeremy and I met sixteen years ago playing hockey together! We're great team mates on the ice, and I couldn't ask for a better team mate in life!

Tell us a little about your career (pre or post baby)...

Before having Amelia, I worked in a corporate role managing retail sales, services, and business development for over 18 years. However, after having Amelia, I realized I wanted more flexibility and more time with her, so she has inspired me to start my own business in 2019. I love flowers and celebrating life's joyful occasions, so I'm following in my grandmother's foot steps and opening a floral design business!

How did you find out about FIT4MOM and what classes do you attend?

LA is a tough town because no one is "from here," so it can be very isolating to begin with, and even more so once you've had a baby. My friend in from the Bay Area first told me about it, and then I came across Alex who got me the details for our local village (thank goodness for the internet, amiright??). Burbank is my home, so I'm a Mon/Wed regular, but I also enjoy the classes in Van Nuys and Glendale, plus Body Back in the evenings.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I love how Fit4Mom provides balance for my health and my baby's health - both physically and socially. I get to work out with great instructors, and then she gets to play and socialize while I get to connect with other Mamas. I've had so many questions answered, and recieved so many great recommendations from our Mama village... Let's just say I would be knee deep in useless Amazon packages and up to my eyeballs reading scary WebMD articles without this program!

What is your favorite family activity?

Honestly, just being together as a family is time we treasure. We love to take walks together in our neighborhood because every tiny piece of the world delights our daughter to no end, so we are savoring these fleeting moments as much as we can.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution this year?

My NYR is to make sure that I recognize when I need to put my needs first. As a new mom, isn't this always the struggle? So whether it's drinking more water, taking time for myself to exercise, or simply recognizing when I need to slow down, my goal is to really be mindful of my needs so that I can be better prepared to provide the support my family needs.

What is your proudest moment as a mom?

I can't say there's been one big moment... It's more a cumulation of all the tiny "wins" we have everyday as moms. For example, before being a mom, there were a lot of chores I considered "complicated" that would have gone on my husband's list, but as a mom, I've quickly realized I can figure it out & do more than I ever thought possible. This is based both off necessity, and also the spirit of being a good role model. I felt so accomplished the first time I broke down the car seat to its individual components and gave it a full and thorough cleaning, and then put it all back together and installed it into the car on my own!

What has been the most challenging part of motherhood?

The most challenging parts have definitely been living far away from family and building a support system, which is why I'm so grateful for the friendships and support I've found in our FIT4MOM family!

How has becoming a mother changed you?

Being a mother has helped me learn to be more patient with others and myself, to be more accepting, and to let go of the idea of "perfection" in a healthy way. It's also made me realize that little moments mean the world!

What advice would you give a new mom?

You know you and your family better than anyone, so trust yourself. This means don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. At the same time, if the help or advice you received isn't what you need, don't be afraid to set it aside, speak up and get what you do need!