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July 2019: Ashley Cohen

If you've met Ashley Cohen in class, you probably know her as the voice cheering you on, as the high five after you push yourself to do one more rep or as the extra hug you get when you've been away from class for a few days. You might also know her as that incredible mom friend who always has your back. Ashley Cohen has been a part of FIT4MOM SF Valley & Northeast LA for more than 3 years. In mom years, that's a lifetime because we've been there with her in the early moments of motherhood, through toddlerhood and now preschool. We've watched Ashley build a village of friends at FIT4MOM. We've watched her strengthen those relationships while strengthening her body and her confidence. She values her own well being and consistently shows up to class, just like she consistently shows up for her friends outside of class. She is a pillar of support and inspiration in our community. We love you to pieces, Ashley!

Where are you originally from?

I'm a born and raised valley girl!!

Tell us about your little workout buddies!

Scarlett is 3 1/2 years old fierce little thing who met her besties at Stroller Strides - Brooks (Andrea), Vivian (Gillian), Wesley (Tracy), Sophia (Julianne), Tucker and Emmie (Haylee), Owen and Ryder (Patty, who signed me up), and of course Eli (Cally-who we miss terribly!!). Ethan is 11 years old and would come to Strides and entertain all the kids with bubbles and snacks while the mamas would workout during the Summer months.

How did you meet your husband?

We were set up by someone in his office. It was love at first sight!! We spoke on the phone on a Sunday, went out on our first dates on the following Tuesday, I met Ethan while he was in the bath on Wednesday and 7 months and 2 days later we eloped in Ixtapa, Mexico with just the 3 of us on the beach... it was absolutely perfect in every way!!

Tell us a little about your career pre or post baby.

Pre baby I was a behavioral therapist which pushed me to go back to school to get my masters in early childhood education. Then I fell into teaching preschool. My ticket out of teaching was having Scarlett!

How did you find out about FIT4MOM and what classes do you attend?

I had a couple of moms in my class who would drop off their kids and tell me they had to run to their workout class but they had their young kid with them. I was always intrigued at how these moms were able to workout with their young ones, so one day I asked and learned about Stroller Strides at VNSO!! I knew once I was a mommy I would want to do Stroller Strides too! Currently I take the Body Back class in Sherman Oaks at 5:30am and I would not change it for anything!! Its my ME time and I enjoy the workout and mamas!!

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

The community, support, true love that the mamas have for each other, and if I have a question or problem I know that another mama will have a solution that I didn't think of. I use this incredible mom tribe as a sounding board which is big stress reliever because someone is always able to relate!

Do you have any big summer plans?

We are laying low this summer, just doing local trips. I am taking my first solo trip, flying to DC with my second mom to visit her son, whom I nannied for 10 years! I helped raise him so he is like my first son. They are friends that are family!!

What is your proudest moment as a mom?

Seeing how much love my children have for each other!! They truly are a gift!!

Have you ever thought, gosh I can’t do this, and why?

Not one time because of the incredible village of moms I have met at Stroller Strides and Body Back...they make me feel like a strong mama who can handle anything that is thrown at me!

How has becoming a mother changed you?

It honestly has really grounded me if you can believe it. I focus more on the moment and enjoying my children and life. My children and husband motivate me to be the best mom I can be!!

What advice would you give a new mom?

Find your village and join FIT4MOM!! It will keep you sane, encourage you to be the best mom you can be, and you will also get a fun workout in for yourself!!