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June 2018 - Alex Delgadillo

We are thrilled to introduce you to our June Mom of the Month, Alex Delgadillo! When Alex was nominated, our instructors and playgroup captains had lots of nice things to say about this mama:

She’s a really great mom to the cutest baby boy, Reese Manolo. We love seeing her at the Americana/Glendale location every week. She is always giving her best with every workout and chatting with all of the moms in the playgroups after. She makes everyone feel included and is very lovely to have her around. - Luciana Muchaty

Alex always shows up with a smile! She knows all the moms and is sure to chat with everyone and call them by name. She knows what every mom is up to, and interacts with all the kids! She is a great example of caring for #allthemoms! -Rhiannon

She is simply the cutest. She always wants to hang out after class with all the mommies and if there is a mommy she doesn’t know or is new, she goes out of her way to welcome them and make them feel included. - Xuan Willett

Alex has gone out of her way to welcome and encourage me! I love her positive attitude and appreciate her heartfelt way of asking questions and sharing her own experiences. She's strong too and definitely works hard on the green! - Elizabeth Hunt

*A special thank you to My Gym Atwater Village for gifting our MOTM a gift certificate for 4 weeks + free membership

Where are you originally from?

I am a Valley girl! I was raised in Granada Hills, Ca. I was born In Chihuahua, It is the largest state in Mexico.

Tell us about your little workout buddy!

My sweet boy Reese Manolo is 6 months old and an amazing workout buddy… he loves to nap while mommy works out!

How did you choose his name?

The name Reese was the only name my husband and I could agree on. We loved the meaning (Ardent and Fiery) and the fact that it is only one syllable. The name Manolo was of my choosing as I wanted him to carry a name that was latin, masculine and with a special meaning (“God is with us”).

How did you meet your partner?

My parents own an accounting business and I was working with them at the time when my husband walked in to offer his services. Long story short, he was given an office space directly across mine to meet with potential clients. We would spend the entire day laughing and talking to the point that i didn't get any of my work done (I felt like a school girl) and before i knew it, I was head over heels in love.

What's your favorite thing to do on a "date night?”

I’m a simple girl… Dinner and a movie with popcorn and chocolate of course.

Tell us a little about your career…

I am a Family Medicine PA! At the moment I am still on maternity leave indefinitely and a SAHM but sometimes I sure do miss practicing medicine.

How did you find out about FIT4MOM and what classes do you attend?

When i was pregnant I joined Meetup to find other expecting moms to hang with, I came across Stroller Strides in Glendale! The moment I was cleared to workout at 10 weeks postpartum I signed up and it changed my life.

I currently attend Stroller strides on Mondays and Wednesdays and Barre on Fridays! Hoping to join Body back and/or the run club in the next few months.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

Aside from the banging workouts and the fact that I'm getting in shape, I feel healthy and energetic after every class… I also love the lifelong friends that Reese and I have made. All the moms are so caring and helpful and I’ve learned so much from them. It truly does feel like a village, a community and most importantly a family! Reese loves his friends and it’s amazing watching them grow up.

What is your favorite family activity?

Sundays! We love going to church, brunch and spending the day at the parents house for family time with all our nieces and nephews.

What is your proudest moment as a mom?

Aside from Labor, my proudest mommy moments are those times when I’m running on empty and all I want to do is sleep but somehow find energy within me to be the best mommy I know how to be!

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I’ve discovered the “ultimate true love” and I see life in a different light. My mother has become my best friend and I understand my childhood and upbringing so much better now. I have the upmost respect for all parents out there. My patience and compassion for others has grown immensely. Motherhood is beyond amazing.

What advice would you give a new mom?

Read, get educated and ask for help and advice. This will reduce your stress level and allow you to enjoy your new and tiny most priced possession. And Join Stroller Strides!