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October 2019: Lindsey Alena Catrambone

The perfect mom with the right balance of work, family, fitness and fun doesn't exist, however Lindsey Alena Catrambone is as close as it gets! A couple weekends ago I was exercising next to Lindsey at Strides 360 on a Saturday morning. Lindsey usually comes to Strides 360 with both kids and then her awesome hubby takes the boys to the playground while she gets in her workout. However in the class we took together, she came solo with the kids and was struggling a bit with her toddler. And Lindsey, a mother of two and a champion of riding out the toddler storm, did an awesome and admirable job of loving and tending to her son while still holding on to what she needed in that moment for herself - her 1 hour of fitness. Her secret? She said she was thinking of the bigger picture because there was a wonderful lesson in letting her son ride out his tantrum.

Lindsey had so much grace under pressure that after class I asked her for some more mom advice. I wanted to know how she balanced work, family and life and she admitted that outside help is key. She reminded me that no one can do it all alone (we all need to be reminded of this sometimes!!) and that with a little extra outside help, she and her husband can run their business and enjoy it. Hiring help meant she didn't have to choose between working and spending time with her kids and she found a way to love doing a little of both. Motherhood is a balancing act and a huge part of finding that balance is knowing when we need help and asking for it. I'm so glad I asked Lindsey for a little wisdom and if you are lucky enough to see her in your class, give this #bossmom a high five. She is solid gold and we are so glad to have her in our FIT4MOM family!

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Sweetwater, TX but grew up in Boulder City, NV before moving to Iowa in high school.

Tell us about your little workout buddies!

My workout buddies are Dominic (4) and Luca (2). Dominic is into broadway musicals, skinny pants (leggings), and decorating for Christmas year round. He doesn’t like pictures, sleeping in, and chicken. Luca is into anything that rolls or bounces, copying everything his big brother does, except he loves chicken. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like sleeping in either.

How did you meet your husband?

We met through voiceover work. He was auditioning at a studio I worked at, so he may have received a few extra auditions once I found out he was single. :)

What's your favorite family activity?

We like checking out random festivals and local events happening each weekend, or just taking a family walk to different parks in our neighborhood.

Tell us a little about your career.

I’m a voiceover actress for Fabletics, Fandango, and tons of other commercials, animation, video games, promos, and radio stations. I also do some on camera commercials and can currently be seen doing yoga in a HomeAdvisor commercial. Well, I’m chatting with the woman next to me and she’s doing most of the yoga. Last year, I started taking classes to learn how to trade stocks and options and can officially call myself a stock trader now!

How did you find out about FIT4MOM and what classes do you attend?

Two of the instructors had been telling me about it for a while and one day I finally went to a class. I signed up for unlimited immediately! I go 3 times per week and my go to classes are Burbank Mon/Wed, Sherman Oaks Tues/Thurs and Strides 360 Saturday morning. I also love the Friday Barre class at the Americana, but it’s hard to get to that one on time with preschool drop off.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

Definitely the support of the instructors and other moms! My son screamed for 55 of the 60 min Strides class a few Saturdays ago (he was fine, it was a battle of wills), and if it were ANY OTHER CLASS I would have HAD to leave. All the moms were so supportive and I think I actually ran a little harder because of the screaming. He calmed down right before the end of class and was happy to get out and stretch with everyone.

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween this year?

We just moved into an amazing trick-or-treating neighborhood (or so we’ve been told), so we’re going to hit the houses from 5:30-7 with our boys, then get the kids to bed and pass out candy the rest of the night. We pride ourselves on being a “full-size-candy-bar-house!” We also do an adults only trip to Dark Harbor at Queen Mary every year with a group of friends. It’s a blast!

What is your proudest moment as a mom?

Wow! This is a hard one. I think moms spend so much time NOT thinking about ourselves or taking credit for the absolutely incredible things we accomplish everyday as mothers, that it makes this question difficult to answer. I guess I’d say my second son’s birth was pretty bad ass. I was determined to not have drugs and it was quite a rush! Apparently, I let out a huge lioness roar before the last push that echoed down the halls of the hospital and probably freaked out a few first timers.

Have you ever thought, gosh I can’t do this, and why?

There are times that are tough and definitely need a break, but “can’t” isn’t an option so I’d have to say no, I’ve never thought that. It’s just a matter of taking a deep breath (or six deep breaths) and finding a new approach.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

How HASN’T it changed me?!? Ha! I’m a totally new person. Life before motherhood seems so insignificant now. Like it was just a dream. Oh wait, it was. I actually got some sleep and could wake up naturally. Hmph.

What advice would you give a new mom?

Follow your motherly instincts. You have them for a reason. They are spot on.

Be gentle with yourself. You grew a human.

Be nicer to your partner than anyone else. You need each other on this journey.

And, half the “stuff” you think you need for the baby, you don’t. Keep it simple.