What's Your Why?

I used to be a cardio queen. I spent an hour most days at the gym on the treadmill and never saw a change in my body. I went to burn off the donut I ate for breakfast. I exercised to burn off the cocktails I drank the night before. I worked out so I didn't feel guilty about my poor choices and I worked out so that I could continue to make poor choices and not gain weight. It wasn't fun and it wasn't rewarding, but there I was, every day working out on the Stairmaster.

After the birth of my daughter I wanted to finally lose the baby weight. My "why" hadn't changed much, but the way I worked out changed a lot. I took classes. I stopped using a treadmill. I trained with weights. I began using bodyweight exercises and combining them with strength. My body changed, my energy level soared and my "why" became much more profound. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be a role model for my kids and for the people who kept asking me how I was transforming my body. I wanted to make better choices, create better habits and I wanted to feel good. I also accepted that my body, my health, my family and my mind would always be under construction and that was a good thing. Every time I achieved a goal, I would set a new one and now my "why" for teaching Stroller Strides is the same "why" that guides most of the choices in my life. When I make healthy choices, I feel good and when I feel good, it's contagious.

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