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Stroller Strides® »

Stroller Strides® is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.

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Stroller Barre® »

Stroller Barre® is a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises designed to help moms build strength and muscle tone and improve posture.

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Body Back® »

Body Back® is an all-inclusive program that combines twice-weekly small group classes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with at-home workouts, meal plans, a food diary, personalized coaching and "before and after" photos, fitness assessments & measurements.

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Run Club »

Do you ever dream of making it through the finish line, but don't know how to get started? Are you looking to get in some extra cardio in your fitness routine? Do you need help staying motivated to run? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Running Club is for YOU! This program is designed for any level of runner, from beginner to expert.

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Fit4Baby® »

These classes exclusively focus on pregnant moms! We offer a real fitness option for pregnant women which includes cardio, strength and even safe core exercises. Every class ends with a short meditation to connect you to baby. Fit4Baby classes can help to reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy and may speed up labor, delivery and the recovery process.

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Our Village Mom's Club »

Our Village Mom's Club activities are always free and open to the public. Join an Our Village playgroup or event today! Click on our downloadable calendar for more details.

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