Village Birth

Village Birth is LA’s home to doula services, prenatal classes, support groups, and lactation counseling. Meet with us in-person to learn about your pregnancy and postpartum, meet other new parents, and connect with the resources available in Los Angeles. Our space is located within Sparrow's Nest in Pasadena (bordering Eagle Rock).

Our mission is to bring parents and birth workers together for community, education and joy, so that all stories and experiences can be revered. Birth is a rite of passage that should be honored and celebrated in the many ways that it unfolds. Our dream is that every parent feels autonomy and empowerment during this transition.

Through our childbirth classes, breastfeeding education and community events, our students are not only prepared for parenthood, but leave room to slow down and relish the rite of passage.

Here’s the deal: There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. We’ve assembled a community of lovely humans dedicated to providing modern, evidence-based education and non-judgmental support, helping you gain the confidence you need to welcome your baby.

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