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  • FIT4MOM has been the kick in the butt I needed to get in shape and I feel so much better! I love their live virtual classes, because I can roll out bed in the morning and start my day with an amazing workout! - Sarah Repetto
  • I kinda hate exercise, but I love this group. It’s a gift I give myself. Total kindness and inclusion, fun, and health — highly recommend! -Gayle Cole
  • Fit4mom has motivated me to get out of my house and meet so many amazing Mom's. It's been a huge help with adjusting to Mom life. All of the instructors are extremely energetic and supportive. - Cindy Leece
  • First pregnancy for me and I knew I needed to find a fitness community that supports my growth as a mom both physically and mentally. This group has been so wonderful for my mental and physical health and I know I will be with them for a long time. Your first class is free so no reason not to try them out! -Tori Tingley
  • I love this community of moms!! It’s so nice to have these classes to get up and out into the sunshine. The instructors are so fun and inspiring. It feels great to get to workout with people who totally understand and don’t mind if your baby is crying. I even nurse my baby in the middle of class and it’s totally acceptable/appropriate. If I show up late, it’s no big deal because other moms understand. I learn cute songs to sing to my newborn. It’s been huge for my mental health. -Jackie Davis
  • I joined Fit4Mom SFV East in Sept 2018 and it changed my life for the better! The support these women provide for each other as moms, wives, friends, and workout buddies is unmatched by any other group I’ve been a part of. It is so refreshing to workout and never feel judged, inside or out. This group of women has become like family and I’m so grateful for everyone! -Lindsay Alena
  • Fit4Mom is the best way to meet other moms in the area- as a bonus you get a great workout too! My son and I attended class every MWF for over a year at the Americana. Megan and Lorena are such encouraging coaches and experienced moms that I felt comfortable with. I always looked forward to play dates after class as an opportunity to catch up with the other moms and talk about different milestones our kids were approaching and it was a safe space to ask questions and get advice. Every time I leave Fit4Mom I’m always happy and ready to take on the rest of the day! Not to mention, I’ve made some great friends and so did my son! -Karen Barnes
  • So happy I found this group! I get to run/workout and bring my son, major score! Not only am I working out but also meeting moms that are going through the same things as me. Love the community and everything about this group. Come join the fun! -Vivian Ochoa
  • I have truly found my mama tribe! I found Fit4Mom when I was knee deep in PPD and being around other moms who were going through the same things I was truly changed my life! Plus, these work outs are so good! They aren’t just strolling around the park! I get a solid workout in, see my friends, vent about the hard times of motherhood and look forward to every class! All the moms were so welcoming and kind! If you are looking for an awesome workout to do with other moms and kiddos… this is it!! -Rhiannon Clark
  • Fit4Mom is just what busy, tired mamas need to motivate! Multi-tasking a workout, spending time outdoors with your little one and being in community with other inspiring women is a recipe for success. A great choice for anyone who likes endorphins and results. An all-around feel good vibe and important investment in yourself! -Lauren Shepherd