Mom of the Month

Julie Simms Mom of the month_Feb19-2 (1).png

We’ve had the pleasure of knowing Julie since 2015, first with just her son and now with both her son and daughter in tow. She has been a true gift to our community for the last 4 years bringing with her the kind of mom wisdom we all wait in line for. She comes to every class with positive and palpable energy, a relatable realness and a contagious silliness that puts a smile on everyone’s face. We’re so happy to honor her this month. We love...

candice mika.png

We are thrilled to announce our first mom of the month of 2019: Candice Mika!

"Candice is such a bright light in class! She shows up every day with a smile on her face and makes everyone in class feel welcome and special. She never complains or gets flustered, she smiles through the toughest workouts and she is such a joy to be around. She is easy to talk to and always lifts you up if you are having a bad day. We love you Candice!"...

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We've had the honor of getting to know Lorena over the last year and spending time with her over the last 38 weeks (!!) of her pregnancy. She is gracious, kind, positive and a true light in our community. We are so happy to honor her this month and tell her how much we love all the positive energy she brings with her to class every day and how much we admire the way she is raising her son. We love you, Lorena!

"Lorena and Theo are the...

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There are key values that we promote and encourage at FIT4MOM. We believe in building community, raising healthy children, nurturing connections, supporting each other, motivating transformation and inspiring positive energy. Our November Mom of the Month embodies all of these values and we just love to be around her beautiful energy. Silvia Campanini has been a part of FIT4MOM for more than a year and has become an essential part of our...


We are thrilled to introduce you to our October Mom of the Month, Hasmik Hayrapetyan! For over two years she has been coming with her boys to Stroller Strides and working out with us! She is an incredible mom to three little boys. She is an inspiration in class, because she always works hard and her journey to fitness has been slow, steady and transformative! We've watched her get stronger, leaner and more confident. She is a wonderful...

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Lorena Castillejos is our September Mom of the Month and we couldn't be happier to share her interview with you! She has been a part of our community for nearly 2 years and everyone in her classes considers her to be their friend. If you are lucky enough to take a class with Lorena (aka "Lore"), she is probably the one cheering you on or talking to you at the end of your first class. She will make you feel welcome with a beautiful smile or a...

Sarah Moshman MOTM.JPG

We are so proud of our entire FIT4MOM community. If you've attended a class, you know that our instructors work hard to inspire other moms, but what fuels us is the inspiration we get from YOU! Every month we select one special mom who motivates us to do our best and to be kind - in fitness and in life. Sarah Moshman is our August Mom of the Month because we admire her perseverance, her kindness and her drive to change and evolve. What makes...

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We are so excited to introduce our July Mom of the Month, Theary Meng! She has been coming to Stroller Strides for years, she completed Body Back Transformation (totally rocked it) and she is now pregnant with her second child and coming to Strides all the time. She is strong, determined, supportive and just the sweetest mama to her little boy. We feel so lucky to know her and even luckier that she continues to persevere and inspire women...

Alex Delgadillo MOTM.png

We are thrilled to introduce you to our June Mom of the Month, Alex Delgadillo! When Alex was nominated, our instructors and playgroup captains had lots of nice things to say about this mama: