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DECEMBER: Amy Leyzerovsky

We are celebrating the amazing Amy for the month of December. Amy has been a consistent member of Fit4Mom . She is always welcoming towards other moms and invites people in with smile. She is caring, kind and always in a good mood. We love having Amy as part of our village!

What’s your full name? Introduce your Fam. Amy Leyzerovsky, baby Eva Leyzerovsky (9 months), husband David.

Favorite drink? Aperol Spritz

Snack? Dark chocolate

Where do you like to shop? Target

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Sardinia

Favorite Book? Hobby? Bravo and Taylor Swift

Something unique about yourself. I went to culinary school in NYC after graduating college

Favorite movie or show Clueless

Your idea of a perfect vacation Beach, good food/drinks, a bit of city

How long have you been with fit4mom? Fave thing about Fit4Mom? Since my baby was 6 weeks, so almost 8 months! I love that I can workout a few times a week without needing childcare. It feels great to get outside and get some fresh air while meeting other moms in the community.

When is your birthday? 02-22-1990

Do you speak more than one language? no

Favorite color? pink

Most challenging part of this year for you? body image and time management

What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year? Consistency