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FEBRUARY: Juliet Ulanday

Our February Mom of the Month is the amazing Juliet Ulanday. Juliet has been so loyal and consistent at Run Club and Strides 360. She shows up, puts in all of her effort, and encourages those around her. And if she has the time, she attends Stroller Strides as well. She is a kicking butt right now and we are so proud of her!

What’s your full name? Introduce your Fam. - My name is Juliet Ann Ulanday. My husband's name is Roderick Ulanday. I have 4 kids. My eldest son, Anthony Galang, is 22 years old. My stepdaughter, Rheanna Ulanday, is 16 years old. I have a 10 year old son, Connor Joseph Mason Ulanday, and a 9 month old baby, Julianne Paige Ulanday

Favorite drink? Alcoholic drink: I enjoy an occasional wine. I'm a Cab kind girl. Non-alcoholic drink: Coffee please!!

Snack? Chips (Not the healthiest snack)

Where do you like to shop? Amazon is my go-to place to shop

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Cabo San Lucas. We just vacationed there this past January and it was amazingly beautiful.

Favorite Book: I don't read much because I do not have time to read. Back then I loved the Harry Potter books.

Something unique about yourself. I am currently in school to get my Masters Degree in Nursing

Favorite movie or show: Friends

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I can't recall. LOL

Your idea of a perfect vacation: Relaxing on the beach

How long have you been with fit4mom? Fave thing about Fit4Mom? I started Fit4Mom when my baby is about 6weeks old so total of 9 months with Fit4Mom and I have been loving it. My Favorite thing about Fit4Mom is that I get to workout with my baby and socialize with other Mamas.

When is your birthday? April 6, 1979

Do you speak more than one language? No just English

Favorite color? Green

Most challenging part of this year for you? Balancing work, life, and a new baby. Work has been stressful as is and now I added school to my life and it is even more challenging. Time management and support of my family has helped me through these challenges.

What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year? I am proud that I still manage to take care of myself both mentally and physically by setting aside time to go for a run or workout and joining Strides360 on Saturdays.