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February : Nohely Comacho

Our special mom of the month is Nohely Comacho! Nohely has been with FIT4MOM SFVNELA since last year and is a consistent Stroller Strides attendee. We love how supportive Nohely is to other moms. Having her as part of our village gives a spark we now can't live without! Nohely, we hope you felt special this month! We appreciate your time spent with our stroller mama's and look forward to many more!

What’s your full name? Introduce your Fam. My full name is Nohely Romero Camacho. My son's name is Noah and my husband's name is Charles.

Favorite drink? Peach Iced Tea

Snack? Almond butter pretzels

Where do you like to shop? For myself: Cuyana, Alo, Target, Nordstrom, Zara. For my son: Yolk, Treehaus, Target, Zara, and small boutiques

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Spain! We visited Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. Such good food and rich culture!

Favorite Book No favorite at the moment

Hobby? Hiking and weekend trips

Something unique about yourself. I was actually born in the same hospital as my husband and he is my highschool sweetheart!

Favorite movie or show Favorite movie is Pretty Woman

Craziest thing you’ve ever done On a roadtrip to Cabo, we did open ocean swimming with sea lions

Your idea of a perfect vacation Road trip up the coast with no plans just good food, beautiful views, and time spent relaxing

How long have you been with fit4mom? Fave thing about Fit4Mom? I joined Fit4Mom in May 2023. It has been amazing meeting and talking to other moms and sharing similar experiences/stories. I also enjoy watching my son socialize with the other kids.

When is your birthday? August 29th, Virgo baby!

Do you speak more than one language? Yes, I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

Favorite color? Pink!

Most challenging part of this year for you? The year is still early and thankfully have not encountered any struggles. I would say an ongoing struggle though would be making time for myself.

What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year? With any struggle, I pride myself in taking that first step no matter how small.