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JUNE: Regan Templeton

Our special mom of the month is Regan Templeton! She started coming to Fit4Mom in September of 2021 and is an avid Stroller Strides member. She loves a great workout with a fun playdate after and is always up for a trip to Disneyland!

What’s your full name? Introduce your Fam! Regan Templeton. I just celebrated our 12-year anniversary with my husband Trevor. We have a 3 year old son Philip, whom we call PIp, and a 9 month old Edith, whom we call Edie. We also have a very needy 13-year-old dachshund named T-Rex.

Favorite drink Diet Coke during the day, dirty gin martini at night

Snack Any and all cheese

Where do you like to shop Reckless Unicorn and Yolk for the kids. I used to work for Nordstrom and still do most of my shopping with them, but I love The Curatorial Department for vintage.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to Croatia

Favorite Book I love Great Expectations -- it's where my son got his name from. But for a fun read, the A League of Extraordinary Women series is my go-to.

Hobbies Volunteering, reading, and shopping

Something unique about yourself I grew up in Indonesia

Favorite movie or show Never Have I Ever

Craziest thing you’ve ever done Cliff jumping in Bermuda.

Your idea of a perfect vacation Before kids, it would have involved a lot of adventurous eating and exploring. These days my dream vacation is an all-inclusive resort with a kids' club and a swim-up bar.

How long have you been with fit4mom? Fave thing about Fit4Mom? I started in 2021. I had my son at the height of the pandemic and Fit4Mom was my first opportunity to connect with other moms. It's really been a lifeline.

When is your birthday? November 5

Do you speak more than one language? No

Favorite color? Yellow

Most challenging part of this year for you? Going from a mom of one to a mom of two.

What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year? My son absolutely adores my daughter, so I feel like I did something right to help him with the adjustment.