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JANUARY: Amanda Aikens

Our January Mom of the Month is the wonderful Amanda Aikens. Amanda has been so loyal and consistent before the pandemic, during (soooo many ZOOM classes!), and after the pandemic. She shows up and works hard and it is dang inspiring! She has completed over 425 Fit4Mom classes with us and probably a couple hundred more with the franchise she was with before she moved.

What’s your full name? Introduce your Fam. - Amanda Aikens, husband Matt, and son Robbie - 4 years old.

Favorite drink? Coffee - a necessity every morning

Snack? Chips and salsa; Healthier option - Boom Chicka Popcorn

Where do you like to shop? Not much of a shopper, mainly use Amazon for free returns :)

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Italy - Venice, Florence, and Rome

Favorite Book: Pete the Cat, I don't read non-children's books often anymore

Something unique about yourself. I enjoy watching things be made, so I chose a career in food and beverage manufacturing. I have worked in the bread, rice, and beer industries, and currently work in facilities that produce citrus, nuts, and water.

Favorite movie or show: Movie: Wedding Crashers. Show: My husband and I have been re-watching old sitcoms the past couple of years: Seinfeld, Friends, Big Bang Theory

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: Rented an apartment online in a city I didn't know 2500 miles away to start my job after college. It all worked out!

Your idea of a perfect vacation: A mix of sightseeing in a new place and relaxation on a great beach with soft sand and warm water.

How long have you been with fit4mom? Fave thing about Fit4Mom? 4 years total; Started with Fit4Mom a couple months after my son was born by going to Stroller Strides while on maternity leave, then I did a couple sessions of Body Well after returning to work. I moved and came to the SF Valley location just over 3 years ago. I enjoy the dedicated one hour a couple nights a week to focus on myself, my health, and try to not think about all the other things for that period of time.

When is your birthday? June 25 - exactly 6 months before/after Christmas, so to me, it's perfect!

Do you speak more than one language? No, as much as I have tried, still just one.

Favorite color? Blue

Most challenging part of this year for you? Returning to the office after 2 years working from home.

What are you most proud of about yourself while facing the challenges of this year? Learning to be more flexible and giving myself grace when things don't work out exactly as planned.