Running and Boobies

With the kick off of our latest running endeavor with RUN CLUB, running and nursing can be an endurance marathon. Both activities can be challenging, exhilarating, rewarding and require support. Perhaps the most important element is the support! Your breastfeeding boobies are already undergoing so much change, and your baby is benefiting! It becomes imperative to find a bra that can both support and provide easy access to a hungry babe.

What sets a nursing sports bra apart from others?

Nursing sports bra's provide a way for baby to gain easy access to your breast with breathable fabric able to be removed by a clip, a clasp or another ingenious method; instead of roughhousing your boobs under or over your entire sports bra. We've been there and understand this can be problematic and painful. It can also support fluctuating breasts before or after a feeding. Some mothers opt to just wear their nursing bra's for a quick run or high impact workout, however, these bras, (although comfortable) do not provide the proper support for such a great workout.

Enter, the nursing sports bra! We have rounded up the 4 best nursing sports bras that are used by running mothers today.

1. Cadenshae Breastfeeding Sports Bra Smoothie Crop Cadenshae prefers to use the under bust measurement rather than a cup size for best fit. It has also been medically endorsed to reduce the risk of blocked ducts and mastitis. Clips at the top allow for easy breastfeeding and small pads catch any leakage. Neely Gracey, who competed in the World Cross Country Championships, used these supportive bra's through her second pregnancy and continued running.

2. Lululemon Enlite Front Zip Bra For the moms who hate the clasping and clipping, Lululemon provides a zip option. Not originally designed for breastfeeding, however it hits all the marks. Each breast is supported individually and provides smooth yet sturdy support for any running or high intensity workout. Going up to a size E, these bras are seamless and can be worn with everyday clothing.

3. Sweat and Milk Venice High Impact Full Coverage Nursing Sports Bra With multiple adjustments around the bra, it has the ability to grow and change with your pre and postpartum physique. The clip provided makes an easy access for breastfeeding and pumping encouraging the one handed finesse that so many women master. No underwire and power mesh in the cup helps with breathability and a cooler workout.

4. Senita Go With The Flow Nursing Sports Bra A racerback pocket feature allows your phone to be close but not in the way and boasts a three clasp closure to grow with you. Quick release clasps help with a speedy feed, all while giving you support, style and function.

Looking for the perfect nursing sports bra can be a challenge, and we do understand every nursing body is different. That's why we gave some options! Keep the support, the comfort and the ease present to help you feel your best when breastfeeding and working out. Just remember, always change out of your sweaty sports bra post run or workout to reduce the risk of mastitis and any rash.