Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Spending time outdoors is what makes summer so special. Unfortunately, hot temperatures can stop you from enjoying the summer sun. What's a mom to do when she wants to exercise outside and keep her baby cool and safe?

Get Outside Early. Stroller Classes start early (8am, 9am & 9:30am) so we can finish before the temperature gets too hot. We also stick to the shady spots and move to low impact core work on the ground at the end of our Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre classes. The recommendation is to stay out of the sun by 10am, which is exactly when classes end (or for some they are winding down in the shade by this time).

Go Low. Low impact, that is! On extra hot days, you can expect our classes outdoors to contain a little less cardio and a little more strength. If you feel yourself getting tired quickly, always take the low impact modifications.

Stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water and take breaks whenever you need them. Be sure and keep your baby hydrated with extra fluids before, during and after class.

Keep Your Baby Cool. Dress them in cool cotton and keep them parked in the shade. Consider tucking an ice pack in a towel or under the cushion in your baby's stroller. Member, Kate West recommends this cooling towel. You can also install a fan on the side of the stroller or bring a spray bottle for misting. For bigger kids, consider partially freezing their water bottle to keep them extra cool. Frozen water bottles feel great on your forehead and neck on a hot day.

Sign Up for Weather Alerts. Sometimes we have to move class indoors or occasionally cancel class if the temperatures become too hot too early. Sign up for weather alerts and find out where your class will be in extreme weather.